Howdy readers!

Yesterday my student and I headed to Ikebukero for a day of shopping and activities. It was so busy everywhere yesterday! D: But I guess that’s Golden Week.

Golden Week is a very busy time for everyone because lots of people have it off from work and school.

We stopped at this cookie place in the morning because my student was hungry.

After we made it to Sunshine city and I helped her pick out some outfits. She was happy with her purchases I think. After that we got lost for a bit and headed off to find a cafe she wanted to eat at.

We ended up at a place called Hachikuma Cafe. (Hachi = honey, kuma = bear. So honey bear cafe hehe!) They had a small menu but what we did have was really good and super cute! I had beehive pizza French Toast which was super cute and really tasty. She got a honey lemon soda and I had an iced coffee because it was so hot. Bleh. (Though not like today! Today was really warm. X_X)

We headed to the huge arcade in the area too. They have this machine that can make a sheet of nail colors or actual press on nails. I got a sheet for my birthday hehe.


So we shopped and tried to game for a bit then headed home. We finished the night at Denny’s where I had a cheese omelette rice (because I am addicted).

I’m suppose to be going to Tokyo again tomorrow but I haven’t heard back from Hiroko yet so I guess we’ll see. I’d like to go to the Sailor Moon exhibit this week if I can!

So wow. 17 days then I’m back in Canada. TIME IS GOING BY SO FAST! D:

Till the next update!



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Sailor Moon Cafe!

HEY YALL! I have been absolutely awful about this blog. But I’ve been so boring out here lately. WHICH IS SAD BECAUSE I ONLY HAVE 26 DAYS LEFT IN JAPAN! LIKE WHATTTTT?

BUT! I had an adventure last week! I booked a reservation for the Sailor Moon Cafe in Shibuya. SHIBUYAAA.

So the day was kinda a disaster. I was suppose to be in Shibuya by 10:40am.

I got on the rapid express and it actually stopped while I was on it. And then it was just SLOW. Which I thought was weird and annoying because the rapid express is the fastest train. But Hiroko asked me where I was and I told her my situation. She told me that they actually stopped the trains from Hon Atsugi to Ebina because the wind was at typhoon levels and the river was very dangerous.

Now this also sucked because I was suppose to meet Kwan and Ping in Tokyo as well. But now they couldn’t get in. So I didn’t get to meet up with them that day. :<

So finally at 11 I got to Shinjuku. I raced towards the Yamanote to get on for Shibuya. Now the rain and wind has REALLY hit Tokyo and it was crazy!

I followed my maps to where I thought I was suppose to go, but there wasn’t any signage anywhere. So I looked it up on my phone AND IT SAID SHINJUKU. SO I PANICKED AND RAN BACK TO THE STATION AND WENT TO SHINJUKU.


I searched Shinjuku and even got Hiroko to give me directions but it only led to an Adult Store.

Looked it up on the phone again AND it turned out I was looking for the 2015 store. SO AGAIN I headed back to Shibuya. And managed to find it finally. They just didn’t have any signage. NOW my time was for 1130am. It was like 115pm by the time I got there again. So I asked the gentleman at the desk if it would still be okay. And he said he didn’t know but I could try.

So I took the elevator up and asked the lady (thank you Google Translate!) and she asked me to wait until all the other reservations showed up. But that it would probably be okay.

OH THANK GOD. So it was a stressful 10 minutes BUT I GOT IN AND I WAS SO HAPPY AND RELIEVED.

So the cafe was small, but they had the Sailor Moon Signage everywhere and a big screen projector that played the Season 3 opening and kinda rotated with that and the Sailor Moon live Musical clips.

BUT! They played all the old music and some of the new soundtracks too. I HEARD SAILOR WAR AND AI NO SENSHI AND EKKK!! It was a happy time.

I ordered 3 things! I was going to order only 2 but I figured I should have some fun while I was there. Considering the morning. . .

So I got 2 food items that were 1,000 yen and a drink for 700 yen. So expensive but really cute!

(PS all the cream and dairy? Yeah guess who had a fun time with that considering I’m lactose intolerant. WORTH but OOOHHHH it hurtttt)



Sailor Moon’s Brooch Poundcake/Pancake? Kinda tasted like both. IT WAS TASTY!

So this was the first thing to arrive that I ordered! It was soooo cute I didn’t want to eat it. But it was SO CUTE!



The Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus parfait! Lots of cream X_X but tasty!!

So this and the drink came at the same time! There was a lot in this parfait but it was also delicious! Kiwi and Pineapple and CREAM (MY TUMMY) and lots of other things.

And last but not least!


Sailor Neptune Soda! It was a melon soda and there was a glowing ice cube in it. With jelly pieces in it! VERY CUTE.

My drink came too! My two loves in Sailor Moon are Jupiter and Neptune so this was a good little experience. They had the AC on and it was making me feel gross so I finished up and was planning to go home.

I got two file folders for free and to the right my souvenirs from the food portions!


By the time I finished, it was BEAUTIFUL out! So I decided to stay in Shibuya for the afternoon. I found the Disney store which had 4 stories. *_* I WISH I HAD MORE MONEYYY.

And after I went to Animate quickly and just toured around the area. I finally found Hachiko though!


The famously wonderful Hachiko. WHAT A GOOD DOGE. ;o;

But I was feeling really gross, so I went home early. And I woke up with a nasty cold. Which I have had all week. BLEH.

So today was a nothing day. I think tomorrow I might go be a tourist. I probably should.



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Festivals and Minato-Mirai

So this was in my drafts and I forgot to post it so opps! Here’s a late update. >.<

EKK so the gang is finally here and I have my few days off so we’ve been trying to make the most of our time (well I am because I have so few days off but still!)

Saturday we went to see the Cherry Blossoms in Shinjuku-sanchome. The park was massive and I don’t think we walked the whole thing but wow! Finally seeing cherry blossoms in person was an amazing thing. We had a short rest in the park and then we headed out for Ikebukuro for the Pokemon store! We walked around the area for a bit. Like the Sega Arcade. It’s 7 stories of games and fun activities. Yuri did the Gundam Simulator and us girls did the Picture Booth thing. Then after we finished we were approached by these two young girls who wanted to take pictures with all of us (even the boys!) So we all crammed into the booth to do some poses. They were pretty stinking cute. But 7 people into a photobooth is very squishy. ^^;;

We hit up McDonalds for lunch and I tried the Sakura Pop drink and the Egg ‘n Cheese Burger. Wasn’t too bad. That was actually my first McDonalds burger ever. I don’t think they’re like that at home though. ^^;;; We also stumbled across a Buddhist Festival in Ikebukuro as well.


That was kinda neat. We also witnessed a group of old, drunk men fighting and the police were trying to help them but these men were having none of that. ^^;; Sometimes I feel like the police aren’t overly helpful. It was a long day and we didn’t get home till late. We decided to sleep in the next day and have a late start.

So Sunday we had an easy morning and arrived in Tokyo around one pm. See we were suppose to go to the Phallus Festival. . .yeah that’s right, a dick festival. For fertility and something else. . .

What google maps actually led us to was a Sakura Festival. There was an adorable little shrine and the whole thing was run by these older people. They were kinda closing down when we got there but this older monk ushered us in and directed us towards the little food shops and these older ladies were trying to get us to buy some manjun buns. Which we all did because wow, they were so good! >.<


Emily, Jordann and I dressed up in Kimonos! =^_^=

Next he directed us to a tea ceremony (which was 100 yen but that was okay).It was really neat. Next there was a cracker stand and Jord bought some snacks from there. The monk got us to sit down at the tea ceremony place and he took a polaroid of us as a souvenir of sorts. Then he took one with Emily and Colton and then the group of the couples.

Then these ladies came up to us and ushered us into a tent for a ‘Kimono Experience’. so Emily, Jord and I were all dressed up in festival wear, belts and all. They let us walk around with them and the Monk took us to the shrine and taught us how to pray. He proceeded to take us to a tree shrine that had all the Chinese Zodiac signs. He showed us a way to bring good luck from our animals which is to rub the head and bow towards it. Then he left us to wander for a bit. We went back to the cracker place that Jord bought her stuff and we all purchased more things from the stall. They gave us extras freebies of stuff too which was super nice of them! We talked with the staff for a bit or tried too hehe. I kinda translated for everybody and then the festival was over. We headed back to return our kimonos.

Yuri was determined to see the dick festival so we walked another 25 minutes to get there. All the good stuff was sold out and gone by the time we got there. But there were dicks EVERYWHERE. And a very drunk man who had a problem controlling the emotional rollercoaster he was riding. Everybody made a circle to watch. The were either calling the police or the ambulance as we were leaving. I never did find out. So many foreigners at this festival. So many drunk people there. Yuri got his picture though so that’s all that matters.

So after this little adventure I took the group to Minato-Mirai. We did some shopping and then Yuri and I went to get the special Taiyaki from World Porters. YUM.

We got our tickets for the Cosmo Clock and waited to get on. I am very proud of Jord for riding this because I know she’s as scared of heights as I am. BUT WE DID IT!

Also they had Yugioh Monsters on select cards and I wish we would’ve gotten one. New Yugioh movie coming out means the theme park was temporarily Kaiba Land. Which was awesome. *_* So what whirlwind couple of days! Like wowza!



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. . . .An Update?? WHAT?

I have had a few moody posts because things haven’t exactly been exciting or nice out here. Which is shame but I’m in a weird mood right now so I’d thought I’d write out a post. Seeing as it’s been a really long time since I have done anything.

February was a boring month. I haven’t gone out much or done much of anything. I went to a Peter Rabbit Cafe in Machida which was really cute and I went to the BBC Sherlock movie in Shinjuku. Nobody else had seen the series, so I was the only one who knew what was going on haha.

Hiroko has gotten back from England which means MY FRIENDS ARE COMING!! Ahh I am excited to show them around!! I hope everybody will have fun! They seem really excited. BUT I HOPE THEY’RE EXCITED TO SEE ME TOO. /cough/

Also I booked a reservation for the Sailor Moon Cafe. I couldn’t book one with the group so I’m going by myself on April 17th. FWEEEE! 😀

I will try to update this while the Canadians are out here though. And when Hailey gets out here too! AND KWAN! So many people. I am excited to be sociable with people hehe.

AND ZOMG THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS ARE SO PRETTY!! I walked around town today and just took some pictures! There are so many pretty flowers out. I don’t like spring back home but here I think it’s totally amazing here in Japan! So many colors! I love the fall but man. . .the flowers.

So quick and small but hopefully something of more substance will be posted shortly!

Till the next update!

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Work . . .Or Lack of It.

Hello one and all. How’s it going?

I’m proud of myself I got ALL my tests done. 3 weeks early. The other helper here was very shocked. I even got them all ready for her to organize for test week. I’M SO ON TOP OF IT WHOOP WHOOP! Just need Hiroko to translate the questions and then we’ll be set.

So far the new job hasn’t contacted me about any new students which is disheartening. I was hoping to have some extra money saved up for when the gang got here. But so far that’s been a bust. This whole pay period has been a bust it’s depressing. 3 more months of it. Then I’m back in Canada with a job. I’m thankful for that bit. I’d be depressed if I didn’t have a job going back home, I think it would add to my problems. So 3 more months. Then I’ll be back to actually making money and being able to afford things. AND POTATOES. I am so excited to eat potatoes and Tims.

Dad sent a package my way and it hasn’t gotten here yet and I’m angry. I wanted it this weekend so I could play my new game but maybe next week? =_= Canada post WHYYY.

I went to Machida with my student 2 weeks ago but I have nothing interesting to report. We ate at a cute little cafe type place but most of the day I just indulged her in places she wanted to go. . .which is okay. Stopped me from spending too much money. Hopefully next payday I can go and get stickers. The kids are complaining about my collection now. Sorry kids, I need money before I can buy anything. ;0;

And it seems I’ll be pretty busy from March 31 and onwards. I’ve got Colton, Emily, Yuri and Jord all coming March 31 to April 15. Then Hailey comes April 22. THEN Jayme and Co. come here May 4th to 15th. Then I go home right after that.

PEEPS. Where were you 6 months ago?! When I had money? And was really home sick haha.

But yeah. Trying to keep a positive head but I’m also gross feeling so that’s hard to do right now. Maybe things will change. Let’s hope I guess.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my followers near and far! I hope everyone had a good Christmas too. I know it’s tough to go back to work after a period of time off but you gotta bring in the money some how.

Christmas time was pretty busy here. We had the Neverland Christmas party for the kids which was pretty fun. We had the younger group first then we had the older kids after. Then we had a little gift exchange between the employees and off to Atami after that! In Atami we had a little dinner party for everyone who was there for the day and then we got to watch the fireworks in the rain. It was really cool!

Christmas Eve I didn’t do much. I think I just watched anime. . . .

Christmas Day was a LONG day though. I was up at 4am to be out the door by 4:45 to get on the train for Disneyland! Which was kinda busy still at that time of day. O_o But oh my lord. So early. Then I thought I was going to miss my train and turned out it didn’t leave till 5:30. So I got there like SUPER early. Better early than late though!

It takes about 2 hours to get to Disneyland from where I am. So it’s a trek but not too bad I guess. We got there at a good time so we could line up to get in. We got a lot done throughout the day! Not like last time I was in Disneyland. We did 9 rides I think? Big Thunder (x2), Splash Mountain, Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear, Dumbo, Tea Cups, Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise, and The Phill-magic whatever its called. Plus we got to eat at the new (to me!) Queen of Hearts restaurant for lunch. We got to see most of the Christmas Parade and the normal parade and then at night we got to watch the Electric Parade (the same one from Disneyland California has) and THAT one was half English which was awesome haha. We also got a little shopping in so I have stuff to send home for the folks. Disneyland is expensive though aiyyaaa. I need more $$$ if I go again haha.

Hmmm then after Christmas was Boxing Day, so I did nothing. I think I watched Netflix.

27th Again I don’t think I did anything important other than grocery shop.

28th I headed to student family K’s house for a sleepover. I brought my PS Vita and my instax camera which the younger of the 2 kids absolutely loved. (I hear after the sleepover she went out and bought a Vita. ^^ ) We had a Nabe hot pot for supper and then with the leftovers T-san made Udon. YUM. I love Udon. I will miss that when I go home. ;0; We played Ping Pong and talked and drank a little bit then off to to bed! In the morning we had mochi for breakfast (YUMMMM! I love mochi) and the parents had to go out for a bit so I stayed home with the girls and we played video games haha. Then for lunch we had Takoyaki (also major yum).

So the 30th was the day of my Ayumi concert but I didn’t leave till later in the afternoon. It was easy to find luckily and concert was really good! I didn’t recognize a chunk of the songs (because they were all her even newer? album that I haven’t bought yet whoops) but she sang Marionette live (Which is like MY FAVOURITE AYUMI SONG!!) so I was happy! No merchandise this time. As tempting as it was. . . .

Then the day after that was New Year’s Eve. So I went with Hiroko and Yuta shopping at an Outlet Mall. Mostly it was for Yuta but that’s ok! We got back home and then waited a bit for supper to be made. It’s tradition to eat Soba noodles (or any kind for other people. A lot of people were eating ramen) to hope for a long life. Then we waited a bit longer and headed to the Shrine to pray. Lines weren’t too bad when we got there but after midnight it picked up. I had traditional new year’s sake. Which was ok till it cooled off. Then it was too sweet bleh. I also saw my deep fried baked potato and I just want to eat that everyday. ;0; So good! Then we headed home and off to bed!

The first we all went to Odawara for more shopping (for Yuta) and then we had lunch and took off for STAR WARS!! I didn’t think I’d see it till May so I am very happy!! I just need to see if I can go to Deadpool and Captain America while I’m here too. Mwhahaha. But I really liked it! I know why some people wouldn’t like it but I enjoyed it! Rey is the bomb.

Then after the movie finished it was home time. For supper we had a select variety of sushi for dinner.

And it’s been pretty low key since. I went shopping with a student on Sunday (because opps I thought it was Strawberry picking that day but nope, next Sunday! Holidays make time a little weird out here.)

Today is my first day back to work. But it’s a Tuesday so that was suppose to be one morning class and one evening class but my morning class canceled so only one class today. So I’ll be lesson planning today most likely. I have to write tests next month but maybe I can get a jump start on it.

I’ve been trying to job hunt while out here too and I’m failing at it which is frustrating. I’ve lost a lot of classes since starting here and I don’t like not having extra money saved away. But all the job postings want a Bachelors Degree and a year commitment. Which I can’t exactly do. =_= It’s frustating. I don’t want to work to just pay my rent and bills. I want to go out and do stuff. But that’s hard when you paychecks suck. And my friends are coming out in April so I don’t want to stay home while they go out and do stuff. That’s no fun to me. :< So I really hope that changes in the next couple months.

As for New Year’s Resolutions? I have none. They never work out anyways and I’m bad at change so I just won’t bother. I will remain the same. Maybe change things up when I get home. But who knows. I should do a reflection post of this past year. . .

Countdown till I’m back in Canada: 4 months and 15 days. There is so much I haven’t been able to do out here yet. :<

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Long story short, I’m at Ayumi’s concert. I will hopefully do my Disneyland post tomorrow.
EKKKKKKK!!!!  Hungry but excited! I hope I can grab some food after….

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Fall Leaves and the Bazaar

Hello! Look at these fast updates. I have more energy at night then I do during the day and I have no idea why. So I guess lucky you for getting these photos and stories now!

So today was a SUPER busy day! We left at 9 to go help the Shirayuri kindergarten bazaar that was going on today! I helped sell yakisoba and read English Picture books to the kids. I was actually terrified that I would have to sit there and yell “COME GET YOUR YAKISOBA YUM YUM” but luckily, all the business came to us without having to do that. I also thought everyone would kind ignore me or not listen but nope! People came up to me to order (even though they were supposed to go to Hiroko) so all my fears quickly disappeared once we got started. I EVEN GOT TO MAKE ODANGO. Kinda. I got to beat the rice till it turned to dough. Which was awesome. And hard. But awesome. The guys all the told me I did really good. Which was nice to hear. That mallet-whatever-you-call-it was so heavy! BUT I DID IT! Mwhahahaha.


The before and the after. This is anko flavour!

So many people came out today, it was busy! So we finally left at around 1:30ish and went back to the house. We talked for a while and then I headed home to quickly shower. And then I had a nap because lord I was tired. I wish my coffee would kick in like it should.

So after that I taught for a couple of lessons and then Kimiyo and I booked it back to the fall leaves display at the bridge (the place from Sunday) but we made it in time to see the display and it was so pretty! Like man, I’m excited to go to Hakone to see them all now. And she even took pictures of me there. I feel like I should’ve asked her if she wanted some too. . . I’m not used to people taking pictures of me! (And actually out here it’s really nice because back home it never happens. PROOF. I’VE BEEN HERE. Hehe)

So now I’m reviewing my Japanese learning websites before bed. I’ve been trying hard to do them everyday. I just want to talk with everyone. ;o;

So yeah, busy day today!

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A Little Hike

Hello one and all! My updates feel so sporadic but that’s because I feel like I need to do something interesting in order to update this. Which hasn’t happened until this weekend! I’ve been writing tests and starting on Tuesday this week we begin Neverland tests! So whee for that!

Yesterday Hiroko and I took a little hike/walk towards the lake here in Hadano. The weather was so nice and the further we walked, the further we got from the city which was actually really nice! Now I’m a city girl at heart but even I like to get away from it now and again.


We walked and got lost for a little bit but luckily Hiroko has a great sense of direction (unlike me!) but we made it there! And we walked around and there were lots of older people there. People were either there for photos or for fishing. Lots of fishing going on hehe. But I tried to take my Instamax mini with me to get some cool polaroid shots. . . .uh yeah. I think that camera is for people only. My pictures didn’t turn out at all from. ;0;

Then after our hike we took Baba to dance class and then Hiroko treated me to my first ever Mos Burger. Which is a very popular and famous Burger restaurant here. Now here me now, I have never eaten a fast food burger and I was never planning on it. I don’t know why but I’m just not a big burger fan. I always get chicken if I go out. (Ask anybody close to me!) but on that day I had 2 beef burgers. And they were good. It is also the week of breaking my food habits. I have been so good out here. No fast food, no pizza for 6 months. But this week, well, it’s been pizza and burgers for 2 days so WHOOPS. But the pizza was so good. I have been craving it for a while. And I will not buy the pizza at the bakery. Pizza should not have mayo, corn or broccoli on it, that much I do know!

And as for today, I slept in for a while before debating on where to go today. I knew I just couldn’t stay at home so I got ready and hopped on the train to head into somewhere.

But before that I actually got a mail delivery today. (No not Amazon) but dad bought me a Sailor Moon wallet to go with my purse for Christmas. However he bought a big version which is just will not work with my purse. So my mission out here is to find a wallet that fits in this tiny purse.


I got some compliments on it today though! Tehe 🙂

I ended up at Shinyurigaoka because. . . .I have no clue. I was going to go to Shinjuku but OH WELL!


The stations are all decked out for Christmas ^_^

I went to Starbucks and had my gingerbread latte (OHM OHM SO GOOD) and walked around. I ended up in Book Off and got really lucky with some book purchases!! Book Off is great because it’s all second hand book and goods and they are really well priced.


P3P, Uta no Prince-sama, P4G and a random one shot I picked up. I LOVE BOOK OFF.

Like I got Uta no Prince, P4 Golden, P3P and a cute little one shot manga for 1200 yen (So way cheaper than a bookstore or Amazon!). What’s even better about the manga (AND THANK GOODNESS) is that even if there’s kanji there’s always hiragana right next to it! So I hope my Japanese reading keeps improving so that I can understand a bit more about what’s going on. I think Tuesday I might head to our Book Off and see if I can get lucky and find some more.

Then I headed home because Hiroko said there was a light show at the local bridge in Hadano and that Baba would take me there! But we just missed it so I just got pictures of the bridge. Which still looks really cool!

So I think tomorrow night I’m going to try and see the show between classes!

To end the night Baba was so hungry. She said she didn’t have dinner or lunch (and neither did I ^^;;) so she asked if Denny’s was okay to go to for supper. And heck yes! However Denny’s here and Denny’s in Canada/America? VERY DIFFERENT. Still good but SUPER different. We both had cheese omelette rice for dinner. I love omelette rice it’s so tasty and simple.


And then after that Baba dropped me off at home! It was kind of a busy day!

Oh and Hiroko gave me these clothing catalogs to look through and asked if I wanted anything so I did put in an order for a couple things. This catalog had LL size which is great. I feel like I’m an in between on the sizes out here. Some things L fit okay (like my new Honies sweater I picked up on sale today) but these catalog things fit great. Like I ordered a dress with a detachable collar on it and it’s so warm! Like it’d be great in Canada warm. Too hot for right now but I really like it! I also got a plaid wool vest that’s long and cape-y and I wore it today and I am in love. It’s red and blue of course but man I like finding things that fit and feel nice. 🙂

Tomorrow we get to go volunteer at the kindergarten’s bazaar they put on. I am reading books and I think helping with yakisoba selling? I’m a little nervous but all should be well! Then it’ll be my last review class (as tests start on Tuesday) so it’ll be a busy week of marking!

Christmas is coming up so fast I can’t believe it. Time is just flying here.

Any folks, until the next post!

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If you make racist comments on my social media posts, I will treat you like a racist…because it is 2015.

This is just so well put together. Please give it a read.

Dramatic Musings

This has been a tough 24 hours in social media. In the same day our province made a commitment to admit and help re-settle 1500 immigrants and refugees, and there was a horrific terror attack in Paris. Many have argued that a humanitarian effort is worthwhile for the refugees who desperately need safe haven. They also find the commitment to be worthwhile as we are a declining, aging, under-educated province desperately in need of an influx of people. Unfortunately many do not agree.  The trouble seems to be that this particular group is brown and in many cases they follow the teachings of Islam. To compound the issue, the attack in Paris (and Beirut and Bhagdad this past few days by the way), perpetrated by the very people these refugees are seeking asylum from, has sensitized a certain demographic of people already suspicious of those who look different. The result…

View original post 1,300 more words

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